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See Article History Canadian territorial flag that is a vertically striped tricolour of green, white, and blue, with the Yukon coat of arms and floral emblem in the centre. The flag was adopted by the Territorial Council in In heraldry , a pale is a central vertical stripe on a shield, normally covering one-third or less of the area. The central emblem is the official Yukon coat of arms, which was granted to the territory on February 24, , by royal warrant. This coat of arms was designed by Commander Alan B. Beddoe, whereas the flag was the concept of Mr.

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Whatever, big-shot cowboys of the day, the showmen, they could all go relive their past glories by going up to Dawson City in for one last summer. Those same type of personalities recognised Hollywood as the next new frontier where these fantasies could be created and lived out. Dawson City was so geographically isolated that it was the last stop on the film distribution line — meaning that films arrived late and screened late sometimes by years.

Construction equipment in the Signpost Forest, dating to construction of the Alaska Highway in Construction equipment from the original Alaska Highway project, in the Watson Lake Signpost Forest Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada. Next panorama geographically.

Her broad back is white with hoar frost and icicles dangle from her belly. His weapon of last resort is a gauge pump-action shotgun, but in all his 22 years at Bear Cave Mountain he has never had to use it. Instead he lets the bears call the shots. Rule one is always let the bears decide how close they want to come. Rule two is never ever retreat.

Grizzly bears are predators and will react immediately if they see you running. They are really intelligent animals and invariably will make the right decisions, which are the same as the ones they make when meeting other bears. Coming here is a rare privilege. In this land held sacred by the Vuntut Gwitchin, the importance of salmon and grizzly bears is paramount, and visitor numbers are restricted to no more than a handful at any one time. Set in an area the size of Switzerland with only inhabitants, the park is unbelievably remote.

To get here I flew north from Vancouver to Dawson City, home of the Klondike Gold Rush, where the streets are still made of pay dirt and permafrost and the wooden buildings with their false fronts and boardwalks look like a spaghetti western film set.

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The Canada Games Centre the main centre for indoor recreation activity for the City of Whitehorse and surrounding communities. Flying to the Yukon is as easy as any other major travel destination. Once in the Yukon you can camp under the midnight sun. Fish at a four-star lodge.

Historical Organizations & Info The History of Whitehorse Whitehorse, from First Nations camp to sternwheeler and railway hub, the the capital of the Yukon Territory.

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Ice Age Animals

Denton Abstract Radiocarbon dates pertaining to a widespread layer of volcanic ash in the southwestern Yukon Territory are here reported. The volcanic ash generally occurs in lacustrine sediments and in peat and loess deposited during the Little Ice Age and thus affords a valuable marker horizon for correlating these deposits. A microscopic analysis of an ash sample collected near the southeast shore of Kluane Lake, southwestern Yukon Territory, in showed it to be composed of whole and broken euhedral crystals of plagioclase An 35 to An 50 , hornblende, biotite, and a trace of magnetite.

The glass sherds have a refractive index of approximately 1.

The Yukon became a separate territory within the Dominion of Canada on June 13, Yukon Holidays: Heritage Day – February 23rd, & Discovery Day – August 20th, The floral emblem of the Yukon is the Fireweed.

From to Designation Level: Municipal in Whitehorse The Log Skyscrapers are a municipally designated site consisting of two multi-storied log buildings and single lot at Lambert Street in downtown Whitehorse, Yukon Construction Period: Municipal Log Skyscraper One, Log Skyscraper Two and lot are municipally designated for their historic and architectural significance. The Log Skyscrapers are associated with events during and immediately after World War Two, when Yukon transportation systems were being redeveloped and the City of Whitehorse was quickly growing to become the capital city.

During the war, a large influx of military personnel and construction workers arrived to work on three major construction projects; the Alaska Highway, the North West Staging Route airports and the Canol Pipeline. Builder Martin Berrigan responded to the need in by constructing the Log Skyscrapers, the first privately built multiple-dwelling rental accommodation in Whitehorse. The Log Skyscrapers are in their original location, and continue to provide residences in an increasingly commercial neighborhood.

These two buildings are the only buildings of this type in Canada and their architectural significance lies in their unusual appearance.

Ice Age Animals

Although considerable debate still occurs amongst scientists about when the first people arrived in North America, current scientific conscensus places their arrival around 15, years ago. Several lines of evidence have helped scientists reach this conclusion. Some of the best sources of evidence are the similarities in DNA and blood types of aboriginal people across the Americas and people in Asia. The earliest evidence of people in the Arctic region dates to around 35, years ago at the Yana River Site in northern Siberia during a relatively warm period of the Ice Age.

Small groups of people slowly made their way across Eurasia into Beringia and North America around 15, years ago.

85 Abstract:Archaeological site KaVn-2, located in the White River valley near Beaver Creek in the southwest Yukon, was first occupied between 10, and 10, BP, shortly after the area became deglaciated at around 11, BP.

Seattle Power and Water Supply Collection Historical photographs and pamphlets documenting the construction of hydroelectric power and water supply facilities built in Washington State from the late s to the s including the Snoqualmie Falls Power Plant, the Electron Plant, the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project, and the Cedar River water supply system. Sephardic Studies Collection The Sephardic Studies Digital Library and Museum has collected from members of the local Seattle Sephardic community more than original Ladino books and thousands of documents composed in Ladino as well as other relevant languages, such as Ottoman Turkish, Hebrew and French.

William Map Collection Dr. Skinner was a leading proponent of the spatial approach to Chinese history and the use of maps as a key class of data in ethnography. This collection of over maps comes from his personal collection and covers a variety of demographic and economic themes. Society and Culture Collection Historical images from Western United States and the Pacific Northwest region covering political and social topics such as women’s issues, labor and government, and ethnic groups with special emphasis on the Japanese internment camps in the Northwest during World War II.

These interviews reflect religious, linguistic, occupational and gender diversity and provide rich insight into changing experiences of South Asians in the Pacific Northwest.

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Ip banned online dating site Yukon territory online dating The ore turned out to be worthless, but Frobisher made the first recorded European contact with the Inuit. Its vast territory makes it the fifth-largest country subdivision in the world, as well as North America’s second-largest after Greenland. If Nunavut were a country, it would rank 15th in area. Passionate about dressing and being complete woman: Love the house maid sub role a lot.

For play and party, I would prefer somebody cm and taller, because of my own physics, and not younger than me. Nunavut also includes Ellesmere Island to the far north, as well as the eastern and southern portions of Victoria Island in the west and Akimiski Island in James Bay far to the southeast of the rest of the territory. It is Canada’s only geo-political region that is not connected to the rest of North America by highway.

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Radiocarbon dates reveal that Lupinus arcticus plants were grown from modern not Pleistocene seeds New Phytologist, In , Porsild et al. These seeds were recovered from an ancient rodent burrow in frozen silt Five modern and four fossil samples from arctic ground squirrel caches and nests provide information on late Pleistocene vegetation in Eastern Beringia.

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They’re all from the 19th century, and the oldest is dated It’s no treasure trove, though. A cache of Canadian and U. Archeologists believe they were likely buried during the Klondike Gold Rush. Submitted by Wayne Potoroka “You have to think that the person was intending to come back, or maybe just forgot that they’d cached their coins somewhere. The coins were found just weeks after an old safe was also unearthed in Dawson City, a town of about 1, people near the border with Alaska, some kilometres northwest of Whitehorse.

It contained equipment for measuring gold, and even had some gold flakes inside. He just loves the mystery behind them. Why did they leave it?

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