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Reblog Reddie Fanfic Friday Another post to honor some fantastic authors and their beautiful fics! Remember, if you want to be tagged in the posts, just let me know. And feel free to tag me in your writing too so I can get a good variety of fics on these posts! Eddie has some opinions on this. He soon moved from Radio, to live stage performances, stand up comedy. At 25, he was graduated from NYU, living on his own, working as a nurse, healthy, and financially stable. It was nothing but clear skies and smooth sailing ahead of him. Until he visits his mother in Derry, and runs into an all too familiar face at the grocery store. He plays for a Catholic school where being gay is the absolute biggest sin.

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Sending Time Product Tags There is more powerful potential in just a few feet of invisible thread than almost anything else in magic. This is magic that becomes the stuff of legends. No matter what type of magic you perform, from the purest sleight of hand to the largest grand illusions, this is the type of magic that creates conversations and reputations.

The only thing I can say bad about the instruction is a tendency that Steve Fearson has of occasionally allowing his hands to wander off camera slightly when filming extreme closeups. But that seems to be common in all the videos of his I’ve seen so far.

I wasn’t sure that it could be done with this device but on the website http: It’s great because there hasn’t been anything else put on the market that can do what I’m going to make this thing do. First off, the Cobra comes pretested and fully functional. All you have to do is add the battery. There’s no need for setup or tweaking the device to make it work right It’s great right out of the box. It comes with three different switches, two are really small so it would be easy to lose them if you’re not careful.

Of course the small size of the switches make it much easier to conceal the device with the switches plugged in. One switch turns the reel into an ITR, a great ITR because it keeps consistent tension on the line and you can pull out about forty feel without the tension changing. The tilt switch works very well and can be hooked up in a number of ways to that you can activate the reel with a subtle motion.

The kit comes with a three foot extension cable that means you can have the switch on a wrist strap provided and activate it by raising the hand. Or just by tilting whatever item you have it hidden in. This thing is small enough to fit into a card box even with any of the three switches provided attached.

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Få folk har betydet mere for udviklingen af effekter med usynlig tråd end Steve Fearson. Her har du hans eminente stærke tråd i en pakke med tråde af 6 meters længde + instruktion til hook-up.

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This is the dawn of a new era in levitations. Never break your thread again! Steve Fearson’s Vectra Line is the strongest invisible thread ever offered to the magic community. That’s a full deck of playing cards!

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Over two decades ago Steve Fearson blazed the trail, charted the course and set the world of thread magic in motion with his famous Fearson Hookup. Today, Fearson’s Thread Bullets are revolutionizing thread work again by encouraging more magicians than ever to “take a shot at thread magic”. This is the DVD you’ve been waiting for. If you’re impressed with the elegance and simplicity of the Thread Bullet, you’ll absolutely love this new hookup.

And you do it with no messy tape, wax or attachments to your ear, hands or hair like traditional methods. And thanks to the incredible strength of Fearson’s amazing Vectra? Line invisible thread, you no longer have to worry about breaking the thread. It can easily handle a credit card any many other objects that normal thread just can’t touch.

Thread Miracles Ammar- #3 video (Download)

Fearson’s floating cigarette is a magical illusion created by Steve Fearson in the early s. Effect The performer displays a cigarette which behaves in almost a magnetic fashion, sticking to a fingertip, the tongue etc. Next it floats from hand to hand before suddenly dropping down near the floor. As it moves up again it passes through a ring formed by the performer’s fingers, as proof that there is no external support, and ends up in the performer’s mouth.

You ll learn the exact method Ammar used to perform the Floating Bill on The Tonight Show, as well as the Steve Fearson Hookup, which creates what some of our greatest minds have called the most amazing magic they ve ever seen! The DVD Includes: Performance. Floating Bill.

Steve Fearson has published an ‘Open Letter to Tim Ellis’ on various magic bulletin boards and on his website at: An open letter to Tim Ellis, It distresses me to see my name come up again on The Magic Cafe’ in regards to this 4 year old issue. I understand you do not approve of certain things I’ve done and I respect your position. I would like to take this opportunity to try to diffuse this situation by stating here publicly that I forgive you for the attacks you’ve made on me.

It’s water under the bridge as far as I’m concerned. I get no joy from arguing with you. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for this 4 year old indiscretion. It’s a shame that Chuck Leach’s name has been dragged into this. In America Chuck is well known as one of the ‘good guys’, a very ethical individual who runs a reputable company. I want to ask you publicly to kindly remove the page in question. Not your entire Magic Fakers page, I understand what you are trying to do there and it’s honorable.

But the “Repop Re-poff” page seems to be a bit out of line, especially in light of what has just occured.

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Home; Tricks, Gags and Gimmicks; Fearson’s Thread Bullet – Vectra Virtuoso.

Magician pours milk into a paper cup. He makes a magical gesture to the milk-filled cup. The paper cup changes into white paper tape that shimmers down like a waterfall. Finally nothing remains but his empty hands. Comes with five white paper coils and an instructional DVD explaining the routine and how to make the cups. The magic milk pitcher shown in the video is not included, so you will need to provide your own.

You will receive 5 Paper Coils. It’s the perfect marriage! A stunning card trick and beautiful illustrations in the specially printed book. And it’s from the mind of Bill Goldman, creator of the wildly popular trick, Monkey in the Middle. The spectator shuffles some cards.

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Section Five –The Steve Fearson Hookup The Floating Lifesaver James George’s Floating Spinning Ball. Purchase Easy To Master Thread Miracles #3 DVD. Other products in the category Videos / Close-up and Pocket Magic: Basic Coin Magic DVD Vol. 2 by David Stone– This second video from France’s David Stone is just superb. The routines are more.

This amazing property allows you to perform miracles of levitation and telekinesis not possible with a normal or “static” line. It is suitable for use with any routines you may already be performing that use invisible elastic thread. As far as other elastic threads are concerned we can guarantee you this You will never look at invisible elastic the same way again! The included strand can be easily separated into 3 even more invisible yet surprisingly strong fibers.

This enables you to use different thicknesses for different applications. Use a single fiber when invisibility is key, use 2 or 3 for applications requiring a stronger line. You will receive a 50 foot triple strand length, giving you a total of feet of ultra-invisible and surprisingly strong Vectra” Elastic Thread. Stretched out, that’s nearly feet!

Think of it as striking GOLD! It comes conveniently wrapped on a card which can fit comfortably in any pocket or wallet. In the video, Steve shares his methods for handling and tying elastic as well as demonstrating some EXTREME stuff you probably never imagined elastic could do!

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Das ist der Beginn einer neuen Ära der Levitation. Reißen Sie nie wieder einen Faden! Steve Fearson’s Vectra Line ist der stärkste unsichtbare Faden der je in der magischen Gesellschaft angeboten wurde.

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