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At 9 meters 30 ft , it was the longest species within the genus Stegosaurus. Stegosaurus longispinus, meaning “long-spined roof lizard”, was named by Charles W. Gilmore [14 ] and known from one partial skeleton, from the Morrison Formation in Wyoming. Stegosaurus longispinus was notable for its set of four unusually long tail spines. Some consider it a species of Kentrosaurus. This is the best-known species of Stegosaurus, mainly because its remains include at least one complete articulated skeleton.

The Old Bird

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Metriacanthosaurus (meaning “moderately-spined lizard”) is a genus of metriacanthosaurid dinosaur from the upper Oxford Clay of England, dating to the mid-Jurassic Period, about million years ago (lower Oxfordian).

The other groups mentioned are, like dinosaurs and pterosaurs, members of Sauropsida the reptile and bird clade , with the exception of Dimetrodon which is a synapsid. Definition Triceratops skeleton, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Under phylogenetic nomenclature , dinosaurs are usually defined as the group consisting of the most recent common ancestor MRCA of Triceratops and Neornithes , and all its descendants.

In traditional taxonomy, birds were considered a separate class that had evolved from dinosaurs, a distinct superorder. However, a majority of contemporary paleontologists concerned with dinosaurs reject the traditional style of classification in favor of phylogenetic taxonomy; this approach requires that, for a group to be natural, all descendants of members of the group must be included in the group as well.

Birds are thus considered to be dinosaurs and dinosaurs are, therefore, not extinct. Norman, and Paul M. Barrett in suggested a radical revision of dinosaurian systematics. Phylogenetic analysis by Baron et al. They resurrected the clade Ornithoscelida to refer to the group containing Ornithischia and Theropoda. Dinosauria itself was re-defined as the last common ancestor of Triceratops horridus , Passer domesticus , Diplodocus carnegii , and all of its descendants, to ensure that sauropods and kin remain included as dinosaurs.


Share Other prey besides coconut grabs consists of burrowing insects winkled out of tree trunks by the long jaws. The Shorerunner, Brevalus insularis, is a flightless, bipedal, seaside pterodactyloid pterosaur that behaves like a gull, native to the beaches and tropical moist forests of Kiribati, in The New Dinosaurs: When new islands appear above the surface of the ocean their colonization usually follows a standard pattern.

The initial living things to grow there are plants, germinating from seeds and spores borne on the wind.

A research team from the CRSEF, or Creation Research, Science Education Foundation, led by Hugh Miller, has claimed to have dated dinosaur bones using radiocarbon methods, determining them to be no older than several dozens of thousands of years old.

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Fossils of Ankylosaurus are found in geologiv formations dating to the very end of the Cretaceous Period about Although a complete skeleton has not been discovered and several other dinosaurs are represented by more extensive fossil material, Ankylosaurus is often considered the archetypal flanked dinosaur. Other ankylosaurids shared its well-known features—the heavily-armored body and massive bony tail club—but Ankylosaurus was the largest known member of the family.

Paleobiology Edit In comparison with modern land animals, the adult Ankylosaurus was very large. Some scientists have estimated a length of 9 meters 30 ft. Another reconstruction suggests a significantly smaller size, at 6.

Ankylosaurus is a genus of thyreophoran dinosaur. Fossils of Ankylosaurus have been found in geologic formations dating to the very end of the Cretaceous Period, between about 68–66 million years ago. Ankylosaurus is the second herbivore and the third super rare dinosaur unlocked in the game. A.

The taxon Dinosauria was formally named by the English palaeontologist Richard Owen in as “a distinct tribe or suborder of Saurian reptiles”. Owen chose it to express his awe at the size and majesty of the extinct animals, not out of fear or trepidation at their size and often-formidable arsenal of teeth and claws. Dinosaurs were an extremely varied group of animals; according to a study, dinosaur genera have been identified with certainty so far, and 1, genera are believed to have existed.

Some dinosaurs were bipeds , some were quadrupeds , and others, such as Ammosaurus and Iguanodon , could walk just as easily on two or four legs. Regardless of body type, nearly all known dinosaurs were well-adapted for a predominantly terrestrial, rather than aquatic or aerial, habitat. Dinosaur synapomorphies All dinosaurs so far discovered share certain modifications to the ancestral archosaurian skeleton.

Although some later groups of dinosaurs featured further modified versions of these traits, they are considered typical across Dinosauria; the earliest dinosaurs had them and passed them on to all their descendants. Such common structures across a taxonomic group are called synapomorphies. Dinosaurs including birds are unique among all tetrapods in having this perforate acetabulum. Other shared anatomical features Scientists generally agree that a variety of other anatomical features were shared by most dinosaurs.

These include forelimbs shorter and lighter than hind limbs, an unusual secondary palate that permitted dinosaurs to eat and breathe simultaneously, a relatively straight femur with medially-directed femoral head, two pairs of holes in the temporal region of the skull i. The hip joint arrangement described above allowed an erect stance, in which hind limbs were situated directly beneath the body or ‘underslung’.

This stance is like that of most mammals today but unlike that of other reptiles, which have a less erect posture and limbs splayed out to either side. The vertical action of the limbs in dinosaurs allowed for more efficient and faster locomotion, compared to the clumsier and slower movement of other ‘sprawled’ reptiles.

List of African dinosaurs

It depends upon the radioactive decay of carbon 14C , an unstable isotope of carbon which is continually synthesized in the upper atmosphere by cosmic rays. Plants take up atmospheric 14C for as long as they live, through the process of photosynthesis. Animals take up atmospheric 14C indirectly, by eating plants or by eating other animals that eat plants. Measuring the proportion of 14C as opposed to 12C remaining in a sample then tells us how long ago the sample stopped taking up 14C — in other words, how long ago the thing died.

Facts Edit. Camarasaurus means ‘chambered lizard’, referring to the hollow chambers in its vertebrae, was a genus of quadrupedal, herbivorous dinosaurs.. It was the most common of the giant sauropods to be found in North America. Its fossil remains have been found in the Morrison Formation of Colorado and Utah, dating to the late Jurassic period (late Oxfordian to Tithonian stages), between.

Origin of birds Archaeopteryx showing obvious signs of feathers. The origin of birds is one of the most interesting questions in palaeontology and evolution. Birds evolved from theropod dinosaurs during the Mesozoic era. Thomas Henry Huxley “Darwin’s bulldog” , who was a comparative anatomist , made a study of this nearly years ago.

He compared the first fossil bird, Archaeopteryx , with a small theropod dinosaur , Compsognathus. They are two fossils from the same place and time: The strata come from the end of the Jurassic period, about million years ago. Huxley’s papers on Archaeopteryx, and the origin of birds, were of great interest then, and still are.

He showed that the two fossils were almost identical, except for the front limbs and feathers of Archaeopteryx. He united reptiles and birds under the title of Sauropsida , and thought that birds had evolved from small carnivorous dinosaurs. It took a long time before they agreed with Huxley. Almost all now think that early members of a group of small carnivorous dinosaur were ancestral to birds.

The group most favoured as ancestral is the Paraves or Eu maniraptora , which includes the dromaeosaurs and the troodonts. The dromaeosaurs include Velociraptor and Deinonychus but, of course, it would have been an earlier type of dromaeosaur, perhaps from the lower Jurassic.


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Dinosaurs are an extinct breed of reptilian animal that dominated the Earth from the late Triassic period until the end of the Cretaceous. Fossil records show evidence of their existence dating back more than million years. More than 1, species of non-Avian dinosaur are known to have.

If indeed the dinosaurs went extinct since the global flood , then some other force was involved with their demise. Given the proclivity of humans to cause harm or death to plants and animals, they should not be overlooked as a possible explanation. Most, if not all, organism extinctions since humans began to keep records were either directly or indirectly due to human causation. Humans have a natural instinct to kill any animal that possesses a threatening imposition.

Historically, reptiles of any significant size have been automatically and immediately killed when in the proximity of human habitats. Large reptiles the size of dinosaur would certainly be perceived as a threat and hunted-down by humans possessing hunting capabilities. It should be noted that we use ” Dinosaur ” in reference to a group of large reptilian animals as did the term dragon in ancient civilizations. However, historical accounts of these dinosaur-sized animals are being dismissed as mythological because such creature are presumed to have gone extinct millions of years before man walked the Earth.

It is paraphrased, All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one. Perhaps the simplest explanation is that the dinosaurs survived the the flood , but they could not survive mankind. Secular Theories The leading secular theory contends that the impact of one or more large comets or asteroids was responsible for the cooling trend “impact winter” that killed off the dinosaurs; another theory attributes the sudden cooling to global climate change brought on by a series of huge volcanic eruptions over a short period of time “volcanic winter”.

The aftermath of this immense asteroid collision, which is thought to have occurred approximately 65 million years ago, is believed to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and many other species on Earth. There are a few craters that some advocates of the theory speculate could be the impact zone. Cores also say that the so-called crater was formed , years before the assumed mass extinction.


The main point of the debate seems to be the following: Over the past decades, several research groups of self-proclaimed creationist scientists have claimed discoveries of dinosaur bones that they have managed to date, using radiocarbon dating methods , at some age which is a lot below the ‘usual’ i. The age that these groups claim to find is usually on the order of thousands or tens of thousands of years old. The particular example you bring up is one of the most famous such cases.

The claims are really quite spectacular, when taken at face value, and therefore should be examined thoroughly.

Neornithischia (“new ornithischians”) is a clade of the dinosaur order Ornithischia, dating back to the Early Jurassic. They are the sister group of the Thyreophora within the clade Genasauria. Neornithischians are united by having a thicker layer of asymmetrical enamel on the inside of their.

It was named ‘different lizard’ because its vertebrae were different from those of all other dinosaurs. It shared the landscape with several genera of giant sauropods such as Apatosaurus , Diplodocus and Camarasaurus as well as other herbivores such as Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus , all of which may have been potential prey. Fukuiraptor from the Early Cretaceous of Japan has been shown to be an allosaurid [2] and may be the same animal as the Australian Allosaurus.

The current view is that the animal normally stood in a more horizontal position. Its most distinctive feature was a pair of blunt horns, just above and in front of the eyes. Although short in comparison to the hindlimbs, the forelimbs were massive and bore large, eagle-like claws. The skull showed evidence of being composed of separate modules, which could be moved in relation to one another, allowing large pieces of meat to be swallowed.

The skeleton of Allosaurus, like other theropods, displayed bird -like features, such as a furcula wishbone and neck vertebrae hollowed by air sacs.

Origin of birds

At higher temperatures, CO 2 has poor solubility in water, which means there is less CO 2 available for the photosynthetic reactions. The enrichment of bone 13 C also implies that excreted material is depleted in 13 C relative to the diet. This increase in 14 C concentration almost exactly cancels out the decrease caused by the upwelling of water containing old, and hence 14 C depleted, carbon from the deep ocean, so that direct measurements of 14 C radiation are similar to measurements for the rest of the biosphere.

Correcting for isotopic fractionation, as is done for all radiocarbon dates to allow comparison between results from different parts of the biosphere, gives an apparent age of about years for ocean surface water. The deepest parts of the ocean mix very slowly with the surface waters, and the mixing is uneven.

This is a list of dinosaurs whose remains have been recovered from Asia excluding the Indian Subcontinent, which was part of a separate landmass for much of the Mesozoic. More dinosaurs have been discovered in Asia than any other continent so far. List of Asian dinosaurs Edit.

Are the results a confirmation of rapid formation of the geologic column as modern sedimentology studies have predicted? The discovery of collagen in a Tyrannosaurus-rex dinosaur femur bone was recently reported in the journal Science. Radiocarbon dating, dinosaur, bone collagen, organic carbon, bone bio-apatite, fossil wood, amber, megafauna Introduction Bone collagen and soft tissue were recently reported as having been discovered in a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur femur bone as well as other fossil bones from the Cretaceous period of the geologic column by Mary H.

Libby, the inventor of the radiocarbon dating method, “There is no known natural mechanism by which collagen may be altered to yield a false age. The data was challenged by Thomas Stafford as poor science due to assumed contamination from modern C with younger surficial calcium carbonate. Bone bio-apatite can be unreliable due to potential contamination from calcium carbonate replacement containing modern or dead carbon [unless carefully pretreated].

However, a study of the cm.


These formations may have resulted from carcass burial in an anoxic environment with minimal bacteria, thus slowing decomposition. Stromatolites Lower Proterozoic stromatolites from Bolivia , South America Stromatolites are layered accretionary structures formed in shallow water by the trapping, binding and cementation of sedimentary grains by biofilms of microorganisms , especially cyanobacteria. While older, Archean fossil remains are presumed to be colonies of cyanobacteria , younger that is, Proterozoic fossils may be primordial forms of the eukaryote chlorophytes that is, green algae.

One genus of stromatolite very common in the geologic record is Collenia. The earliest stromatolite of confirmed microbial origin dates to 2.

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The bone was 68 million years old, and conventional wisdom about fossilization is that all soft tissue, from blood to brains , decomposes. Only hard parts, like bones and teeth, can become fossils. But for some people, the discovery raised a different question. How do scientists know the bones are really 68 million years old? Today’s knowledge of fossil ages comes primarily from radiometric dating, also known as radioactive dating. Radiometric dating relies on the properties of isotopes.

These are chemical elements, like carbon or uranium, that are identical except for one key feature — the number of neutrons in their nucleus. Atoms may have an equal number of protons and neutrons. If, however, there are too many or too few neutrons, the atom is unstable, and it sheds particles until its nucleus reaches a stable state. Think of the nucleus as a pyramid of building blocks. If you try to add extra blocks to the sides pyramid, they may stay put for a while, but they’ll eventually fall away.

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