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There are two ways to connect to the water supply; 1. Simply connect the sprinkler system valves to the water supply using the existing hose faucet. This may be the easiest route but also could have a few drawbacks, being lack of flow rate and noise of system when running. However for smaller systems this may be a simple and inexpensive alternative to plumbing the irrigation system into the household water supply. Plumbing into the household Water Supply. This is the most common installation method for most medium to large systems and we don’t recommend doing this prior to checking local regulation and consulting a plumber for professional advise.

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Plus you can design it and install it yourself. If the electrical grid were to go down for a long period of time most cities and public utilities would only have water for a couple of days maybe less. This would pose a major problem for anyone trying to grow their own food in an area where gardens require irrigation.

Highlights of my small cabin water supply system: My cabin property has some slope, that providing me an elevation point for the water barrel location. Rain water is collected from the roof of several structures – cabin, shed, and veranda.

Crafted to combine functionality and It helps reduce your household’s dependency on water from municipal sources so that your energy demand for purifying water for yard and gardening purposes is decreased. This premium rain barrel features an extra-large planter with built-in weep holes that prevent plant roots from being overwatered, and acts as a functional piece of lawn decor. The rain barrel has a large storage capacity and comes with a complete diverter system that can be connected to a soaker hose for the convenient and automatic watering of nearby plants.

When the rain barrel is full, the diverter sends excess water through your downspout, automatically preventing any overflow or standing water. The innovative system can easily be installed into your downspout to divert water into the rain barrel while remaining aesthetically appealing. This rain barrel comes with a rain diverter system that includes a inch tube, a inch main hose, a barb plug, a ball cock with an on-and-off control downspout, and two hose gaskets.

The downspout diverter kit fits any 2-inch by 3-inch or 3-inch by 4-inch downspout. Easy to follow illustrative installation instructions are included!

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My rain barrel design The downspout that supplies this barrel is fed by about square feet of roof, so has the potential of about gallons per inch of rainfall rule of thumb: Similar values apply to the other downspouts where barrels could be installed. Simple arithmetic indicates that the roof could potentially receive more than 25, gallons of rain in a typical year.

A “sprinkler-emitter” (left) can be installed anywhere in the line where you need to water large areas. Use small, connecting barbs to attach the 1/4″ tubing to the submain. Use small, connecting barbs to attach the 1/4″ tubing to the submain.

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Green Solar Powered Water Barrel

Drip Depot proudly sells products from these quality irrigation manufacturers Do-It-Yourself Tips for Drip Irrigation As drip irrigation systems become more user-friendly, more individuals are successfully designing and installing systems themselves and saving the expense of hiring irrigation professionals to accomplish these tasks. Most systems, in fact, can be installed quickly with no tools necessary other than a standard household pair of scissors.

Weve compiled some tips from installation professionals provided especially for those weekend warriors to help with the DIY installation process of a standard drip irrigation system. Hot Water for Tubing: A trick among drip irrigation professionals is to briefly insert the end of a piece of tubing into a cup of hot water before attempting to connect fittings to the tubing.

Install an Underground Sprinkler System Installing an underground sprinkler is a great way to conserve water and save money on irrigation. This type of lawn irrigation system can be a complicated do-it-yourself project, but with right preparation and materials can be completed in a weekend or two.

An angled blade makes the shovel ideal for moving piles of soil, sand, and other materials. A good shovel also is typically the gardening tool of choice for digging plants out of the ground. And you can use it to wave dramatically about as you chase deer, rabbits, or other unwanted critters away. Sharpen your shovel’s blade every season to make digging much easier.

And take note of how well the shovel’s handle is attached to the blade. That junction is usually the weakest point of the gardening tool. A spade features a flat, squared-off blade and often is short-handled. It is ideal for edging beds, slicing under sod, and working soil amendments into the garden. In a pinch you can even use a spade to chop ice on frozen sidewalks. Look for stainless-steel blades — they resist rust.

Also, the highest-quality spades usually have steel heads that are firmly connected to the handle. Spades where the blade is riveted to the handle tend to come apart more easily.

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White goods such as washing machines are designed to get clothes clean whilst not using too much water. But, what about the garden? That said, I have friends who use water sensibly and still manage to have a lush garden.

About the Author: Stephanie Dayle Stephanie is a writer for the American Preppers Network, a small local paper and for her blog, The Home Front and was featured in Marie Claire UK in the October issue that featured women preppers.

The attached solar regenerated pump enables you to water plants with pressure, even when the water in the barrels falls low enough that it barely passes the level of the faucet. The sun-warmed water also aids in the growing of plants as it does not shock them. The twin 85 gallon barrels are raised onto a very sturdy 4×4 box assembly from recycled wood, held together with new carriage bolts because the total weight of all the water when full is approx lbs.

This frame is resting on eight 2 inch thick 18 inch square cement pads to prevent sinking. The barrels are raised to increase the head pressure and decrease the work load on the pump. Vote for me if you think my idea is worth passing on to show people being green doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality or convenience. Thank you for taking the time to look at my instructable!

6 Methods for Harvesting Rainwater

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Install a Timer: Drip Irrigation experts recognize that in order to reap the maximum benefits from a drip irrigation system a timer is a must. Timers allow water schedules to be .

Questions and Answers gravity flow , irrigation design , pumps , rain barrel , valves jstryker Automatic Valves for Rain Barrels: The standard solenoid valves used for most irrigation systems simply need more pressure than you have available from a typical gravity fed rain barrel. The higher pressure requirement for the valve is a function of the hydraulics that makes the valve operate.

You either need more pressure or you need a different type of automatic valve. If you want to create more pressure you need to raise the height of the rain barrel. For every foot you raise the rain barrel you will create 0. The minimum operating pressure of most irrigation valves is at least 15 PSI, that means the barrel needs to be 34 feet above the height of the valve.

That is simply not practical in most cases! Now you understand why those water towers you see in some communities are so tall. Motorized rain barrel valves: Mechanical motor-operated ball or butterfly type valves will open at any water pressure, unlike solenoid irrigation valves. This makes them a good solution for rain barrels irrigating by gravity alone.

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Attach anti-siphon, filter, and pressure-reducer to hose bib. If you are using an automatic timer below , it will be installed above the filter. Run the submain along the ground according to your planned layout, starting from the hose bib.

1. Measure the depth of your rain barrel with a tape measure, and then add the distance from the top of the barrel to the location of your pump to that number.

Product Description When drought sets in and rain is short, rain barrels can provide that precious water you need for your lawn and garden. The Rain Vault can provide up to 50 gallons of pure, unchlorinated water when municipalities declare periods of low water usage. During heavy rain falls, a typical roof can produce hundreds of gallons of water.

By saving that water, you can reduce your average water usage by up to Percent. With those kinds of savings, the Rain Vault can pay for itself in just a few seasons. The Rain Vault features an attractive faux oak barrel design so it naturally fits in with your landscape. And the wide variety of colors allows you to even further match your barrel to your home and yard without standing out. Its plastic screen mesh is newly designed to keep out bugs, animals, and debris while still being easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance and is gentle on skin.

How to Install A Rain Barrel