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Add to cart A Story About Us In the spring of I was introduced to the concept of cleaning holding tanks and toilet clogs and restoring the sensors to reading properly, using a hydro jet cleaning process. From the very beginning I noticed that the tanks were full of what appeared to be sand. Conventional wisdom said it was hard water deposits that had dried along with the organic sludge. I began to notice that some tanks were much worse than others. In an effort to discover what this cement-like matter really was and what was causing it, I began to ask people what they were using for a holding tank treatment, and videotaped the results during the cleaning process. I quickly discovered that when there was a chemical based product used exclusively, the hard deposits were very pronounced. Because we were using such high pressure we were turning the sludge into a vapor, and it was immediately obvious that NONE of the tank treatments removed odor; some just masked it a little with a deodorant. The hotter it was the more it smelled! We quit recommending any particular treatment because we were discovering that none of them really worked. We suggested using Pine Sol to cover the odor, but that is not good for the seals.

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How to Wire an RV Campsite by John Cagney Nash A recreational vehicle, or RV, campsite must be wired to supply the amp needs of the most modest truck or pop-up camper, the amp needs of a C-Class motorhome and the amp needs of the largest converted motor coach. The most convenient way to establish these supplies is to wire a campsite hook-up box, called a supply pedestal. They are manufactured with integral circuit breakers, and can be purchased with a pedestal light and a usage meter.

Confirm that two big hot wires, one neutral and one ground, feed the power conductor, the neutral bus and the ground block in that order.

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The European styled interior with soft composite leather seating in a beautiful butter cream finish will make you feel right at home, no matter where you are parked Sonne Built on the Ram ProMaster chassis with the single traveler in mind, this camper van packs a lot into its petite size. Where do you want to go today? Now, Hymer brings the legend to North America. With it comes an entirely new way to embrace your inner wanderer.

Answer the call of the open road, and leave the cookie-cutter hotel rooms, airport delays, and hassles behind with your own camper van. Park where you want, when you want. Camping has never been this comfortable.

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Most people ask if I can explain the RV electrical system in simple to understand terms. The electrical system in your RV can seem complex and confusing until you have a basic understanding of how it works. Your RV actually has three separate electrical systems.

Mobile RV Repairs in Calgary and Area.. Why go through the hassle of hooking up your RV and driving it through the city to RV Dealers. We offer full Mobile RV Repair Service & Mobile RV Inspections in .

This huge man made lake is 13 miles long and 6 miles wide with a surface area of 28, acres. There is ample improved camping facilities located around the lake. For those who like the comfort of home there are several private resorts located near the lake. Almanor is a popular Northern California summer get-away offering clear blue water, excellent water-skiing, full service marinas and boat rentals.

The lake holds a good population of kokanee and Coho salmon as well as bass, trout, and catfish. Lassen View Resort Plumas County Visitors Bureau Northshore Campgrounds Antelope has 16 miles of pine timbered shoreline and a surface area of acres. There are several improved campgrounds situated around the lake that provide group, tent, and RV camping with disposal facilities. Antelope Lake, as well as the surrounding streams are a trout fisherman’s paradise.

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We will come to your RV’s location. Whether it is at your home, storage yard or camping spot and fix it where it sits. We offer a low one time service call fee to diagnose your issue and then give you a quote at an affordable rate for the repair required. A modest per KM fee applies to service calls out side the city limits.

RV Electrical Dennis Gaub. If you own a recreational vehicle that has a amp electrical system and you’ve pulled into a campground where both and 30 .

There are some benefits to camping in an RV like your own bathroom , however I admit I have always been a bit nervous about how the hook-ups work. When booking campsites, I see they are available, but without an RV I had never given it a ton of thought. And I admit, I dream of one day being a campground host, where we would potentially live out of an RV for months. These things have led me to learn what I can regarding electrical hook-ups when camping.

I felt overwhelmed and became concerned I would never be able to figure out how electrical systems worked. I admit though, that I was determined.

State Listing of HDT Registrations

I RV was kind enough to include one in the start-up kit they furnished. They cost a minimal amount, are a necessity and in our case was furnished by the dealer. Dog Bone Adapter lets you hook up to 15 amp outlets. Weatherproof jacket encloses 10 gauge, 3 wire cord for safe, free-flowing AC power. Molded plug and socket. Three insulated 6-gauge copper conductors and one insulated 8-gauge copper conductor are enclosed in a weatherproof outer jacket that resists oil, grease and ozone.

Cutting-Edge RV Advantages. Fleetwood Bounder offers an unbeatable selection of floor plans that make the most of space and comfort. Bounder features a driver-centric and ergonomic design that’s great for RV owners and their passengers.

It appears California has gotten more difficult on motorhome registration of an HDT. It’s actually very easy to register it that way in California now as long as requirements are met. The DMV said it’s becoming very common here. All said the exact same thing. It must be used only for RV use, i. You can never haul a trailer with a race car, show car, race bikes, motocross race items, etc. You cannot even pull a trailer that has a wrap done to it, similar to the ones with the Monster Energy Drink seen around the country.

If there is any compensation including trophies, cash, sponsor items, etc. All of the CHP recommended removing the commercial fifth wheel and all trailer air lines, so it doesn’t even look capable of being used commercially. All of them also state that the regulations state it “must be designed for human habitation”, so it is required that there be a toilet and “cooking device” no specifics required.

A refrigerator is not required, but you must have a way of storing food products, so an electric cooler in the side box is acceptable.

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Thanks for your electrical wiring question Richard. Electricians pouch of hand tools and the various power tools necessary for installing the specific electrical service panel. Depends on the type of panel and available access to the project area and if trenching will be required. Electrical Materials and Electrical Wiring Methods must be according to all applicable electrical codes.

Specialists in Recreational Vehicle (RV) parts and accessories. Including the following: Plumbing, Cooking Applicances, TV/DVD/Stereos, Heating, Electrical 12V/V, Sanitation, Chassis/Towing Equipment, LP Gas Equipment, Vents/Windows,Doors, Hardware, Awnings and Camping Equipment.

Hooking up a amp vehicle to a amp power pedestal whenever possible will help protect the long-term dependability of appliances in your rig, Finch says. The breakers for the electrical systems in most campgrounds are designed with a tolerance of percent, plus or minus. If breakers tripped at exactly 30 amps, they would cost much more — perhaps 10 times as much — as breakers normally used.

A amp outlet supplies 3, watts 30 amps multiplied by volts. Therefore, the breaker on that outlet could meet code and still trip anywhere between a total load of 2, watts 80 percent of 3, watts and 4, watts percent of 3, watts. That sets up a situation where the breaker on a amp outlet may not trip until the load exceeds 4, watts.

For amp service, however, the potential amount of power used — 12, watts, or 50 amps times volts — represents more than three times as much possible demand as amp service. Conversely, a amp rig hooked up to a amp outlet is only getting about one-third of the power that the rig may need to run a full complement of appliances. The same principle applies to the design of electrical circuits in commercial buildings and campgrounds.

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